Colgate Oral Care Report Series – Volume 26 – No 2 – Lead Article: Diabetes Mellitus and Tooth Loss

Ira Lamster DDS, MMSc

This issue of the Oral Care Reports provides a comprehensive review on the connection between tooth loss among patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and that fact that Tooth loss and periodontal status may in fact be used as identifiers for DM.


Other important topics include: Management of Dental Implants, Dental Practice-Based Research Networks, Use of Lasers for Periodontal Treatment and Oral Manifestations of HIV Infection in the Era of
Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy.

Upon completion of reading these articles, the clinician will be able to:

  • Have a better understand the relationship of dysglycemia (diabetes and pre-diabetes) to tooth loss, which is another important oral complication of diabetes.
  • Understand the benefits of participation in a Dental Practice-Based Research Network, including increased emphasis on evidence-based dental care.
  • Become familiar with the latest evidence on the clinical benefits and risks associated with the use of lasers in periodontal therapy.
  • Know why dental professionals can play an important role in the early detection and diagnosis of HIV/AIDS and in monitoring the outcomes of highly active anti-retroviral therapy.
  • Better understand the necessity for stressing to implant patients the importance of regular maintenance visits and personal oral hygiene to minimize and manage peri-implant disease.