Colgate Oral Health Network

To Swish or Not to Swish? Pre-Procedural Rinsing

How much do you think doing anything for 1 minute can help you? Dental procedures, such as ultrasonic scaling, dental drilling and even using an air/water syringe, create microbe filled aerosols which can travel a significant distance. By taking 1 minute you can ensure a safer work environment for both you and your patient. This course will examine the benefits of a pre-procedural rinse for the reduction of aerosolized microbes in the dental office and reinforce its benefits for both the dental professional and patient.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the therapeutic rationale for the use of a pre-procedural rinse.
  • Describe the uses and benefits of a post-procedural rinse.
  • Identify the benefits of different active ingredients in mouth rinses in order to make an evidence based recommendation.