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The Speaker

Luciana M. Shaddox DDS, MS, PhD

Dr. Shaddox has joined the college’s Department of Periodontology as an Assistant Professor in February of 2006. Since her second year of dental school, Shaddox has actively participated in the scientific research development in Periodontology, both nationally and internationally. She joined the University of Florida Oral Biology department as a research scholar in 2004, developing part of her Ph.D. thesis project involving the microbiology of smokers with periodontal disease. Later, as a pos doc fellow in Periodontal Microbiology, she became involved in research with periodontal biofilm development and antibiotic resistance.
Upon joining the periodontal department as an Assistant Professor, Shaddox has mainly devotes her research time to her NIH grant which aims to tease out immunological and microbiological factors involved with localized aggressive periodontal disease in children and adolescents. In addition to this project, she has also been leading a clinical research project to investigate the immunologic mechanisms involved in the relationship between periodontal disease and type II Diabetes Mellitus and their response to periodontal treatment, which is funded by Colgate-Palmolive. You can learn more about this study at:
Shaddox also devotes her time as an academician to educate DMD and Periodontology graduate students in clinics, labs and in classrooms. She has been the course director for the main Periodontology course for DMD students since 2008. Shaddox has been promoted to tenured-Associate Professor in July 2012.