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Gila Marciano

Gila Marciano DDS

Dr. Marciano practiced one year in a private setting before deciding that she wanted to work in public health where she spent 13 years before transitioning back into private practice during Covid. After years of essentially running a private practice within a medical center dental department so that she could be more efficient and productive, she decided to purchase a practice together with her partner Dr. Shlomit Schwalb. They purchased a practice in the town in which they both grew up and had been working for years. Private practice allowed her to explore her creative abilities in a way which she could not before. She was able to take all those years of experience in managing her team and create a positive and efficient work environment in which everyone feels appreciated and wants to work hard for the benefit of the team. She currently resides in Edison, NJ with her husband and three daughters. In her spare time she loves to bake, hike and scroll endlessly on Instagram.

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