Colgate Oral Health Network

Gingival Health, a New Approach to an Old Problem

65% of Canadians suffer from bleeding or inflamed gingiva and more than half
choose to ignore the issue or take minimal action. Why are such an alarming
number of patients failing to take appropriate action to improve their gingival
You can help your patients increase their gingival health in one easy step. This
course will review biofilm, gingivitis and oral home care solutions to help your
patients reduce inflammation and gingivitis. Learn about the chemistry and mode
of action of ingredients in toothpastes to help lead your patients to greater health.
You might be surprised how interesting the chemistry of toothpaste can be.


  • Learn the statistics on oral care routine and trends among the Canadian
  • Understand the role of bacteria in gingivitis.
  • Discuss the role that chemistry and the mode of action of a new antibacterial
    toothpaste have in improving gingival health.