Colgate Oral Health Network

Improving Oral Health: Are We Getting the Best from Our Patients

This course will explore the concepts behind behavior change.

  • What are the obstacles to changing behavior, and what we can do to enhance our oral care conversation with our patients to facilitate their innate motivation to change?
  • We will have an in-depth discussion on Motivational Interviewing in the dental office complete with time to practice this proven treatment option.
  • We will also review an online program to help support your oral health conversation, the Gum Health Physical.

At the end of this educational activity the participant will be able to:

  • Define motivational interviewing as it relates to behavior change in patients.
  • Understand the role denial plays in motivating change
  • Be familiar with communication styles that resonate with patients in communication, their participation, their gingival health.
  • Understand the 6 Transtheoretical Stages of Change.
  • Demonstrate motivational interviewing to elicit the patients desire to change.