Colgate Oral Health Network

Navigating the New Roadmap to Success for Patient Oral Health

We are always striving to show patients how to manage their own self-care and to maintain their motivation for health. Digital technologies have made connected health possible. As patients become more engaged in their own health and take greater control over their wellbeing, the opportunity to empower them to adopt healthy behaviors begins with having the right assessment tools to improve health outcomes. In this course we will discuss the use of the caries risk assessment and the periodontal assessment to effectively engage your patients. We will also discuss how to successfully incorporate patient whitening into the treatment plan to increase patient satisfaction.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe how incorporating good communication skills and connected health technologies enhance patient outcomes
  • Develop and implement an effective fluoride treatment protocol, based on appropriate patient risk for caries development.
  • Share a communication tool designed to change behavior.
  • ┬áDiscuss the mechanism of action of tooth-whitening technology including enhanced peroxide delivery and shorter wavelength LED device
  • Design effective marketing practices and programs for whitening as a practice builder