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22 thoughts on “Risk Management for Pediatric Caries

  1. Dr. Sonika Singh says:

    How can we prevent dental caries risk in age group of 2-5 years of physically and mentally handicapped patients?

  2. Ms. Denise Saller says:

    Can you offer some tips on how we can implement SDF in a school based sealant program where parental consent is granted prior to screening the children at school? Educating the parent re:SDF appearance is not feasible.

  3. Mrs. Durr Ingrida says:

    Do you recomend electric teeth brush for kids 3-10 years?

  4. Mrs. Faith McDonald-Bicknell says:

    Thank you for covering this vital topic since caries risk has increased significantly due to the increased sugar intake in the child population that I serve. I noticed that in the treatment plan written by my supervisor, extraction is by far the preferred treatment for these carious teeth, many of which in my opinion could be restored and remain in the patient’s mouth as space maintainers especially in the posterior areas. Kindly share on the available options now being used to at least try to prevent orthodontic problems for the early childhood population. Thanks.

  5. Mrs. Mrs Pooja says:

    At what age pulpectomy and pulpitimy is done

  6. Dr. Abbas Naqvi says:

    Why is it that children from the same family have different susceptibility to caries?

  7. Ms. cynthia hammack says:

    As a parent with school aged children, it seems that it is common place for educators and coaches to use candy or sugar filled treats as incentives and/or prizes for a job well done. It has become a source of frustration and as a parent have had to ask instructors and teachers to find alternatives for my children- sometimes to no avail. Is there an initiative or federal guideline for schools or a particular study which we can point to in order to help direct our teachers and coaches without offending their good intentions? Thank you!

  8. Dr. Kathleen Navarro says:

    Your thoughts on silver diamine fluoride treatment?

  9. Dr. Edward Fox says:

    What are the indicators for use of silver diamine fluoride? How is it purchased and how is it applied?

  10. Ms. Huong Nguyen says:

    With the increasing awareness of food and drug allergies in small children, are the materials safe for children with allergies?

  11. Ms. Julie Landgraf says:

    My doc keeps pushing nano hydroxy apatite powder toothpastes bc she is anti fluoride. I keep reading it is not preventative. Helpful but only after damage is done. Any insight? Thx!

  12. Mrs. Manpreet Kharoud says:

    How the following factors affect the caries risk? 1. Low salivary flow 2. Visible plaque on teeth 3. Special health care needs child Do they come under moderate or high risk factors? Thank you Manpreet

  13. Dr. Mary Vivit says:

    Is Silver Diamine good?

  14. Dr. Mary Vivit says:

    Is Silver Diamine good for pediatric patients ? What are the risk? What is the time we can wait until restoration

  15. Dr. Owner Matt says:

    What is your protocol for pulpotomies? Materials you recommend?

  16. Dr. Peter Milgrom says:

    What are your thoughts on Povidone Iodine for caries management?

  17. Sherry Saunderson says:

    will you be including the Standard American Diet in your assessment, the high sugar additives to beverages and processed foods that are upstream causes of increased caries, diabetes and obesity today? And SDOH where marginalized groups do not have access to education and prevention strategies- not offered in private practice offices which are procedure driven?

  18. Ms. Moria Parrish says:

    Can sealants placed on partially erupted teeth lead to larger cavities? I see this in my practice all the time with sealants placed by the local public health program, but they say there’s no research to support our findings.

  19. Ms. Karen Gilmore says:

    When do you recommend using fluoride toothpaste on an infant and how much should be used?

  20. Dr. Noori Nahrin says:

    In uncoperative 4 year old, deep caries without any symptoms except for occasional pain, can we do atraumatic minimal prep GIC filling? How high of the chance of abscess forming?

  21. Ms. Nolufefe Ralarala says:

    A 5year old can be treated for restorations in the chair

  22. Mrs. Tara Cholody says:

    Many parents water down juices and believe this is a good tactic. What are your thoughts on this concept?

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